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Teaching Staff

Hi There, I'm Mohammed Ahmed Iqbal

Petroleum Engineer

Mohammed Ahmed Iqbal

Petroleum engineer by profession from University of Stavanger Norway and has had a vast experience working as lecturer, student assistant and a mentor for physics, maths and chemistry in Norway from 8th grade right up to first semester university engineering and economy students. He has mentored number of students for one of Scandinavia's leading mentor organizations Mentor Norway AS in sciences, math and physics and represented all science exhibition in Scandinavia to promote sciences in Norway and Scandinavia. He also had the privilege to work as software technical analyst with one of the world’s leading IT companies in the world Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HP) AS in Leixlip, Ireland.

Hi There, I'm Shaher Bano

Research Fellow

Shaher Bano

A former research fellow in Massacusetes institute of technology (MIT) Cambridge, USA and Bahchesehire University (BAU), Istanbul, Turkey. She has also served as guest researcher in University of North Carolina, Charlotte,USA (UNCC). Her expertise in Biology, Chemistry (Molecular and computational biology and chemistry), biophysics has helped her become a researcher with qualities like innovative mind, independent thinking, vision on outcome, passion and perseverance. She has mentored number of students with diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural backgrounds and age groups and taught them to design their projects and academic life in way that can open new avenues for students to get into prestigious universities of the world for higher education. Alongside mentoring, she has earned prestigious collaboration with National university of Singapore, Singapore and Georgetown University, USA and did various research projects on the topic of biochemical study of the chemical compounds that have been published in reputed research journals which is an example of excellent team work and good communication skills.