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Our Services

Every student owns a different intellect hence require different levels of attention. Therefore, our offered packages are based on the general requirement of a high school student for a month. We are offering one-one mentoring where student will be taught according to his/her preferred learning style and group mentoring, where group of students will be given lessons at the same time. FVM offers mentoring in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Biosciences, Information Technology, Mechatronics, and other advance subjects.

Customized One to one Mentoring

10 hours Pkr 20,000 (USD 125)

15 Hours Pkr 22,500 (USD 140)

20 Hours Pkr 29,000 (USD 180)

25 Hours Pkr 35,000 (USD 215)

Customized Package Pkr 2500 (USD 16)/hour

Group Mentoring

10 hours Pkr 15,000 (USD 95)

15 Hours Pkr 17,500 (USD 107)

20 Hours Pkr 22,000 (USD 135)

25 Hours Pkr 25,000 (USD 155)

Customized Package Pkr 2000 (USD 12)/hour

Online Courses

Keeping the pace with world advancing at every second is the ultimate necessity today. Therefore, we are offering some advance courses with international level course contents. Contents and price of the course can be provided to the interested candidate upon request via email.

3D Design modelling 6 weeks course

Artificial Intelligence (Beginners Level) 6 weeks course

Mechatronics 6 weeks course

Future Entrepreneurship 6 weeks course

Research Writing 6 weeks course

Career Counselling, CV and Job search No Time Limit